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Election Information and Sample Ballot
  Notice of 2018 General Election - November 6, 2018
       Sample Ballot - Alta Vista
       Sample Ballot - Bradford-Chickasaw
       Sample Ballot - Bradford
       Sample Ballot - Chickasaw
       Sample Ballot - Dayton
       Sample Ballot - Deerfield
       Sample Ballot - Dresden
       Sample Ballot - City of Fredericksburg
       Sample Ballot - Fredericksburg
       Sample Ballot - Ionia/Bassett
       Sample Ballot - Jacksonville
       Sample Ballot - Lawler
       Sample Ballot - North Washington
       Sample Ballot - Nashua
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton/Jacksonville
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton -Ward 1
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton -Ward 2
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton -Ward 3
       Sample Ballot - New Hampton -Ward 4
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