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Monday, June 26, 2017

CHICKASAW COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AGENDA MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017 9:00 AM. CONVENE. OPEN AND DISTRIBUTE MAIL. APPROVE AGENDA FOR JUNE 26, 2017. APPROVE MEETING MINUTES OF JUNE 19 & 20, 2017. 9:00 AM. MEET WITH PUBLIC HLTH AND HOME CARE SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR KATHY BABCOCK Departmental Update 9:30 AM MEET WITH SHERIFF MARTY HEMANN Departmental Update Increase in Civil Fees with possible action Discuss the purchase of equipment for the second sheriff vehicle with possible action 10:15 AM MEET WITH COUNTY ENGINEER TO DISCUSS ROAD DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES Review and act on permit for Windstream Communications to move pedestal and place buried cable in the county Right of way for 2019 Stanley Ave. just South of Highway 24 Approve the hiring of a full time Road Dept. Employee 10:30 AM MEET WITH JEREMY MCGRATH Ambulance Update Discuss off-road utility and all-terrain vehicle operation 11:00 AM MEET WITH COUNTY ATTORNEY PAT WEGMAN Discuss Two Rivers Insurance Company-Election to Participate and Release with possible action Review lease agreement (LEMC building) and authorize Chairman Signature 11:15 AM MEET WITH EMA/911 DIRECTOR AJ SEELY Discuss shelter for Ragbrai 11:30 AM MEET WITH CONSERVATION DIRECTOR BRIAN MOORE Departmental Update APPROVE LIQUORE LICENSE-OUTDOOR SERVICES FOR JERICO JO’S APPROVE LIQUOR LICENSE FOR NEW HAMPTON KENWOOD AVE PARK APPROVE FIREWORKS PERMIT FOR JAY JURRENS APPROVE FY 17-18 EMPLOYEE SALARIES EXCEPT THE SHERIFF’S DEPT. ALLOW CLAIMS _____________________________ JOAN E. KNOLL, AUDITOR & SECRETARY TO THE BOARD
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