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Term: Four years. Bond, $25,000.00

The Board of Supervisors is the executive, governing, and policymaking body of each County, under the laws of Iowa. It is the liaison office between County, City, State and Federal Offices.

* Elect one of their members chairperson at the January meeting, who holds such a position for the ensuing year.
* Meet in regular session as prescribed by statute and in committees.
* Fix amounts of bond for elective and appointive officials not fixed by statute.
* Approve bonds of all elective officials except their own. Bonds of Supervisors are approved by the District Court Judge.
* Approve annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports of all elective and appointive officials under their jurisdiction. Levy taxes in regular June sessions for the purpose of raising revenue for the county and sub-divisions thereof.
* Approve and spread rates as prepared by County Auditor against the taxable valuation of the county, towns and cities, townships and school districts.
* Approve or disapprove the Homestead and Soldier’s Exemption Claims.
* Establish fees and policies of county programs.
* Make official canvass of the votes for all elections.
* Fill vacancies in county offices, except members of its own body.
* Be in charge of County Assistance Programs. Hire County Assistance Director and appoint Veterans’ Affairs Commissioner.
* Enter into contracts in the name of Chickasaw County for the purchase, sale, or lease of property, including real estate, and for the purchase of services.
* Appoint members of County Board of Conservation, Health, Adjustment Planning and Zoning, and Case Review.
* Appoint individual to Board of Compensation, Civil Service, and Eminent Domain Compensation Commission.
* Be responsible for all upkeep and maintenance of county buildings, their insurance, redecorating and remodeling, or new building programs.
* Hire janitor(s).
* Go over all the budgets of offices and boards using County Funds, make recommendations, conduct public hearings, approve all budgets and amend them before final adoption.
* Receive proposals for new programs, determine whether to participate, implement and attend to funding.
* Grant cigarette, beer and liquor permits outside incorporated Cities.
* Has general supervision of the secondary road system and hires the County Engineer. Determines policies relating to both construction and maintenance, directs the engineer to accomplish the work, and inspect the completed projects.
* Establish or vacate public roads other than state or primary within the County.
* Serve on various boards and committees such as Judicial District, Landfill, Crime Commission, Social Services, Civil Defense, County Health, Land Use, JPTA, Homemaker, Legislative Steering for Health and Welfare, Community Action, Correctional Services, Substance Abuse, Cedar Valley Mental Health Board of Directors.
* Inspect and approve all payments and claims against the county.
* Directly attend to all matters not under the jurisdiction of anyone else, with board discretionary and executive powers.
* Receive complaints of every description and investigate them.
* Hire annual Audit firm.

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