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Monday, December 26, 2005 - Tuesday, December 27, 2005


DECEMBER 26 & 27, 2005


The Courthouse and offices were closed on Monday, December 26, 2005 in observance of Christmas.


The Board convened on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 9:30 AM with all members present:  Schueth, Huegel, Boge, Pickar, Mattke. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Schueth. Mail was opened and distributed.


Sheila Kobliska CPC met with the Board for a departmental and cleaning contract update.


County consumer has been providing custodial services and will be offered compensation on a per event basis. A Decat meeting minutes was provided as an update and a travel printer has been acquired.


Doug Welton, as Data Processing Manager presented bids for computer paper for consideration. Bids were presented as follows, with Riley’s as the low bidder:

Office World           Green Bar: $389.90                Multipurpose: $1,199.60

Riley’s Inc.              Green Bar: $375.40                Multipurpose: $1,142.40


Motion by Huegel, Seconded by Boge, to approve total bid of $1517.80 by Riley’s Inc. for green bar and multipurpose paper. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


Conference Board FY 2006-07 budget meeting is set for January 11, 2006 at 6:30 PM.


Steve Lynch, Chairman of the Chickasaw County Compensation Board, met with the Board of Supervisors to present the Compensation Board’s salary recommendation for FY 2006-07. The recommendations for proposed salary increases were received as follows: Supervisors $2000; Sheriff $7000; Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer $4000; and Attorney $8000.  Discussion followed as to the ISAC Attorney comparables, due to the variance in part-time and full-time positions, and number of staff attorneys and assistants in different counties.


Motion by Huegel, Seconded by Boge, to approve Board Minutes of December 19 & 20, 2005. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


The Board allowed claims.


Requests received for employees’ compensatory time and vacation carryover were reviewed and tabled, with the Board declining to act until all requests are received by next week’s session.


Board members recessed at 12 Noon and reconvened at 1:15 PM with all members present.


County Engineer Dusten Rolando met with the Board to discuss road departmental activities. Vacation for three employees was reviewed.


Discussion centered on road paving and possible future policy implementation regarding funding levels of private participation, with Code of Iowa review for requirements.


The Board received and filed IDNR Manure Management Annual Update for Smith Site (ID#58128) located in Section 36 of Bradford Township.


Supervisor Mattke left the meeting at 1:55 PM and Chairman declared adjournment at 2:15 PM.



                                                                        James J. Schueth, Chairman

                                                                        Board of Supervisors





Judy A. Babcock, Auditor





Claims 12-30-2005
Abbe Center,Co Res Serv           412.50
Adv Systems Inc., Maint Cont    177.27
Allied Document Solution,
    January Renewals/Posta          308.18
Alta Vista Town,HAVA Reimb                     1431.21
Anderson, Roberta,DAV Van      34.00
Aquila,Nat Gas-Mh-Dd Bldg     111.01
Ashley, Sarah, Meal Reimb           9.04
Backbone Counseling Serv.,
   Counseling Serv                       65.00
Backdoor Bait, Fishing Bait        55.50
Barco Municipal Products.Inc.,
        Sign Materials                   205.17
B H Grundy Mental,Services   168.00
Boge, Arnie, Mlg Reimb             76.76
Boji, Rose, Mlg Reimb               10.64
Butler Co REC, Elec Utls         389.32
C V M H, Services                    287.00
Chick Co Hlth Ins.,
      Jan 06 Hlth Ins               18,324.58
Chick Co EMA,
    Supp Bt Trailer                   1,111.61
Chick Co Rescue Squad
         Bt Reimb                          586.48
Chick Co Sheriff, Papers          234.20
Chick Co Auditor,
   Reimb  Paper Supplies            97.98
Community Care  Inc.,
       Serv Co Res                    6,869.70
Connor, Kay,Rent Co Res        100.00
Co Case Management,Serv      565.00
Covenant Clinic, Serv Res       190.99
D H S., Co Res Serv           47,750.02
Family Treatment,
    Counseling Serv                1,440.00
Farm Plan, Parts, Materials       352.02
Fueltime,Fuel-Sheriff''s Dept     308.47
Gage Plbg & Htg,Repairs         242.05
Gateway Center,Lodging
    IA Co Engineer''s Assoc         423.72
Geerts Plbg & Htg Inc.,
     Parts & Labor-Co Jail           868.67
Hartson, Kay, Meal Reimb            5.62
Hawkeye Tri Co Elect Coop,
  Saude Shop Intersection          284.73
  Electric Utl Co Res
Hemesath,Barbara,Meal Reimb    5.62
Huegel, John, Mlg Reimb           71.82
Hy Vee Store,Meal Jail Schl         5.00
I D N R,Salvage Permit Renew   30.00
IACCB Conference,Mtg Reg    240.00
IDALS,Pesticide Applic. Cert.    30.00
Institute Of Iowa-Assessor,
  Dues-2006 Membership             25.00
I D  O T, 2006  Manuals              82.00
Iowa Telecom,Phone,Internet    254.54
Jerico Services Inc.,
     Calcium Chloride               1920.00
Lawler, City,  Elect Co Res
    & HAVA Reimb                 2681.16
Mc Leod USA, Phone Serv         88.03
McGrath, Karen,Reimb-Calendar 7.99
McKesson Medical, Supplies   140.92
Mid American Energy,
       Intersection Lighting             5.64
Moore Med. Corp.,Supplies     100.76
Moore,Myrna,Cons Mlg Reim   11.40
McGuiness Co. Inc., C.H.,
   Labor,Maint Crthse Boiler       561.26
Nat’l Sheriff Assoc.,
         Jail Officer Exam                27.00
NDSI Home Pro,
    Computer Software Maint     125.00
N H Tribune,SubscriptionBOH   46.00
NH City, Shop,MH Bldg Utls   893.23
NIVC, Nov Serv Co Res            216.84
No Amer Salt Co., Salt         12,636.95
No Star Comm Serv.,                 505.99
   Supported Employment Ser                 Omega Mach Tool Inc., Parts     75.00
Pacovsky, Mel,Cons Mlg Reimb  6.46
Peraud, Dr. Joseph.,ME Fee     190.00
Postmaster, Postage-Nurses        30.00
Quill Corp.,Off Suppl-Sheriff''    62.29
Rapid Reproductions,Supplies   21.83
Reams,Dr. Richard,ME Fee     125.00
Ries, Cletus,Cons Mlg Reimb      7.60
Riley''s Inc.,Supplies-Recorder   82.63
Sander, Dennis D., Meal Reimb   4.80
Schueth, James J.,Mlg Reimb    34.20
Schumacher Elevator ,Maint    161.69
Schwickerath, Nate,
    Court Appt Atty  Fees          105.00
Schwickerath, Pat,Bldg Rent    325.00
Scott''s Pharmacy, Meds Res      60.10
Security State Bank,
     Auditor Checks                       9.80
Shawver Well Co Inc.,
        Lawler Shop Well          6146.04
Showers, Heidi,Ldg Reimb       84.53
Straw, Erin Meg,Meal Reimb     5.62
TestAmerica Inc.,
     Water Sample-Twin Ponds  10.00
Thomson West,Nov 05 Serv   198.25
Tom''s Pharmacy, Meds Res      25.70
Transcontinental Sales Corp.,
    Pants-Uniform/Palo               25.58
Vanguard Appraisals Inc.,
   Re-Appraising Serv           1,125.00
Viking Office Products,
     Office Supplies-Nurses        92.89
Vrzak, Jerry,Rent Co Res       100.00
Wegman,W Pat,Mo Exp      2,053.20
Willson & Pechacek PLC.,  1,039.60
    Appraisal Legal Services 
Payroll Ending 12-23-2005 
FICA              7,068.47
IPERS            7,482.50
Medicare        1,658.12                                   

















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