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Monday, January 30, 2012 - Tuesday, January 31, 2012



JANUARY 30 & 31, 2012


The Board convened on Monday, January 30, 2012 with all members present:  Pickar, Byrne, Holthaus, Andersen, and Zoll.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Holthaus. Mail was opened and distributed.  


Motion by Andersen, Seconded by Zoll to approve agenda for January 30 & 31, 2012.   Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


Motion by Andersen, Seconded by Pickar to approve board minutes of January 23 & 24, 2012.   Roll Call:  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.


Sheriff Marty Larsen met with the Board to acknowledge the hiring of part-time scheduled dispatcher.  Also present was Chief Deputy Todd Miller, Chief Dispatcher Cathy Knutson and Assistant County Attorney Mark Huegel.


Motion by Andersen, Seconded by Pickar to acknowledge the hiring of Keri Erickson as part-time scheduled dispatcher at the rate of $13.67 per hour as per union contract effective February 6, 2012.  Roll Call:  All Ayes. Motion Carried.


Sheriff Marty Larsen also discussed his findings of Law Enforcement contracts from other counties.  Discussion followed.  It was the consensus of the Board that the Sheriff’s office compile a fee schedule for law enforcement to cities.  The option(s) should include a rate per capita for drive thru, rate for dedicated service hours, hourly rate per call or a combination.


The County Engineer Dusten Rolando met with the Board to discuss road departmental activities.  Topics included:  maintenance and service of vehicles; maintenance of gravel roads; plows out on Monday and Tuesday, mix sand and salt; sand and calcium chloride; one call meeting; one ways out on Thursday; sign repair, mailbox repair, one ways out on Sunday AM until 6:30 PM; stop signs placed on 110th and Stanley Avenue; Courthouse ingress/egress; day labor projects; construction map; land acquisition policy; material quotes, bridges, epoxy sealer; union negotiations, today; state budget and state 5 year program, etc.


County Engineer Dusten Rolando reviewed the resolution for county right of way purchase policy and rate of payment.


Motion by Pickar, Seconded by Byrne to approve the following resolution pertaining to the policy for the acquisition of right of way. Vote: All. Nays: None. RESOLUTION 01-30-12-06:  WHEREAS, it is necessary from time to time to acquire right of way for road and bridge construction, and WHEREAS, it is within the powers of the Board of Supervisors of Chickasaw County to acquire such necessary right of way, and WHEREAS, the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors has determined that property values are 4 times the assessed valuation, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the following schedule shall constitute the policy by which Chickasaw County shall acquire right of way land, improvements thereon, and fill dirt. Right of way land acquired by easement or deed shall be purchased for an amount 4 times the assessed valuation.

1.           Fence removal/replacement costs shall be paid according to the following schedule:

Removal by owner-------------------------------$ 4.00/rod, barbed; $ 5.00/rod, woven

Placement of fence @ new right of way line-----$ 13.50/rod, barbed; $ 18.00/rod, woven

Placement and removal of temporary electric fence------$ 6.50/rod

(for temporary construction easements and borrow areas)

Corner/Brace posts used in fence placement-------------$ 25.00/each

Placement of permanent fence shall be completed within one year after the project is completed in order to receive compensation.

2.           The County shall pay all recording costs and mortgage release fees.

3.     The acquisition, replacement, or relocation of buildings, shrubs, or other improvements shall be negotiated by the County and the Owner.  The acquisition of fill dirt shall be negotiated on the basis of a cost per cubic yard.  Date: January 24, 2011 /ss/ Rick Holthaus Chairman, Board of Supervisors.  ATTEST: Joan E. Knoll, County Auditor.


Ken Rasing met with the Board to discuss and review the master matrix evaluation for construction permits for Knapp Finishers LLC and MNK Investments.  Discussion followed. Ken Rasing and an IDNR representative scheduled a site inspection for February 9, 2012.  Ken Rasing will meet with Board on February 13, 2012 to review the master matrix and approval.


The Board reviewed the 2012 Administrative Services Agreement with Midwest Group Benefits, Inc.


The Board recessed and Noon and reconvened at 1:00 PM.


Data Processing Manager Doug Welton met with the Board to present paper bids for 40 cases of paper, as follows:  Riley’s Inc.: $1439.20  and Office World $ 1460.00.          


Motion by Pickar, Seconded by Zoll to approve the bid for the purchase of 40 cases of paper from Riley’s Inc.in the amount of $ 1439.20. Roll Call:  All Ayes. Motion Carried.


Budget worksession.


Motion by Byrne, Seconded by Andersen to adjourn the meeting at 3:07 PM.  Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.


HR One-Source representative Jack Lipovac, International Union of Operating Engineers representative Donald Duehr and Mediator Tom Pounds met for union negotiations.


The Board convened on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 with all members present:  Pickar, Zoll, Holthaus, Byrne, and Andersen.   The meeting was called to order by Chairman Holthaus. Mail was opened and distributed. 


Custodian Dave Gorman met with the Board to discuss the sign for the Community Services. It was consensus of the Board that Dave Gorman contact Signs & Design and asked what the advantages and disadvantages of LED versus fluorescent lighting and update the Board at a later date.  Dave Gorman also updated the Board on rust in the water system at the Community Services Building.  The City of New Hampton Water works Department will start the process in the Spring of 2012.


Budget worksession.


Supervisor Pickar left at 10:45 AM.


The Board allowed claims.


The Board received and filed IDNR Manure Management Annual Update for Steve Wiley-Wiley H.P. (ID#59391) in Section 25 of New Hampton Township located 2348 Quinlan Avenue, Fredericksburg, IA 50630.


Received and filed Floyd-Mitchell-Chickasaw Solid Waste Management Agency Financial Statement and Required Supplementary Information Schedule of Findings.


Motion by Andersen, Seconded by Byrne to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 AM.  Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried.




Rick Holthaus, Chairman                                                                                                                                               Board of Supervisors






Joan E. Knoll, Auditor















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