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Monday, November 7, 2016 - Monday, November 7, 2016

COUNTY BOARD MINUTES NOVEMBER 7, 2016 Public Heath & Home Care Services Administrator Kathy Babcock met with the Board in an exempt session at 9:30 AM. as per Iowa Code section 20.9 and 21.9. Also present were Mary Jo Fye, County Attorney Pat Wegman and Assistant County Attorney Mark Huegel. The Board convened on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 10:00 AM with all the members present: Carolan, Holthaus, Andersen, Geerts, and Zoll. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Andersen. Mail was opened and distributed. Kathy Babcock gave a departmental update. Also present was Mary Jo Fye. Motion by Geerts, Seconded by Holthaus to approve agenda for November 7, 2016. Roll Call: Ayes: Geerts, Holthaus, Carolan, and Andersen. Abstain: Zoll. Motion Carried. Motion by Carolan, Seconded by Geerts to approve board minutes of October 31, & November 1, 2016. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried. The Board discussed Sylvia Mork request regarding transportation. The Board deferred taking any action until next week’s Board meeting. The County Engineer Dusten Rolando met with the Board to discuss road departmental activities. Topics included: maintenance and service of vehicles; maintenance of gravel roads; flood work, pulling rock out of ditches; fixing shoulders in various areas; driveway pipe repair; sign repair in various areas; getting signs ready, box closures, Beaumont Avenue; motorgraders, blading gravels; mowing hard surface roads, spot rocking in various areas; box culvert on Beaumont Avenue today; Ivanhoe Avenue bridge open; bridge design, Cheyenne Avenue Bridge; concrete patch, Ridgeway Blvd, start today; FEMA meeting, event 1 on Thursday; FEMA meeting, event 2 on Wednesday in Osage, etc. The Board discussed the possible purchase of property. Motion by Carolan, Seconded by Holthaus to enter closed session as per Iowa Code Section 21.5 (1) (J) at 11:08 AM. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried. Discussion followed. Motion by Carolan, Seconded by Geerts to exit closed session at 11:45 A.M. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried. Motion by Carolan, Seconded by Zoll to adjourn the meeting at 11:46 AM. Roll Call: All Ayes. Motion Carried. ____________________________________ John Andersen, Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: _______________________________________ Joan E.Knoll, Auditor
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